D’Phis Volunteer at the Pittsburgh Project


This past Saturday, the D’Phis volunteered at the Pittsburgh Project. The trip was organized by the RA of the D’Phi hall. The Pittsburgh Project is a Christian non-profit development organization to create leader and to serve the residents. Junior Rachel Martin works at the Pittsburgh Project during the summers.

Breanna Renkin, Abbi Liff, Hannah Cuffari, Katie Fecher, Kristyn Romell, and Rachel Martin.

At the Project, the D’Phis helped in several different areas. Some D’Phis organized and cleaned one of the storage area. Other D’Phis aided in the Project’s warehouse where they organized ladders and wood.

Freshman Katie Fecher and junior Kristyn Romell sort wood in the warehouse.

Sophomore Abby Hephner showed off her carpentry skills and junior Abbi Liff used her electrical engineering skills to staple a new wire into the ceiling.

Junior Abbi Liff stapling the wire to the ceiling and sophomore Brittany Renkin holding down the ladder.

The D’Phis finished up the day by hitting up Peppi’s for some delicious sandwiches.

For more information or to donate to the Pittsburgh Project, click here!

Baby Pandas 2015


On January 24, 2015 the rush season came to close, bids were given out, and cheering could be heard from the apartments as sororities cheered for their new members. As usual, the D’Phis gathered outside of Rockwell to sing D’Phi songs and cheer for new members.

Sigma Delta Phi cheering outside of Rockwell. 

After Greek Unity Weeks, Sigma Delta Phi added four new baby pandas to the sorority. Congrats to junior Ashley Ferwerda and freshmen Tiffany Bicek, Katie Fecher, and Lauren Fishel!

The new active members of Sigma Delta Phi at the Ganza, hosted by the Rhos housing group. 

(from left to right: Tiffany Bicek, Katie Fecher, Ashley Ferwerda, and Lauren Fishel)

Fall Events



As always, fall semester was a busy time for the D’phis! We kicked off the year by attending the annual Street Dance on September 5th.



For the homecoming parade, we worked with the Nu Lamda Phi Fraternity to create a wonderful Indiana Jones themed float. The float included a large pyramid, two giant snakes, and an Ark of the Covenant. The float finished second in the Greek life float competition.


On November 7th, we hosted the annual Monte Carlo Game Night. This all-campus event featured games, mocktails, and prizes with the proceeds benefiting the Pittsburgh Project.


First Formals took place on November 6th, ushering in the formal rush season. The actives played games, chatted, and shared snacks with rushes.

Other fall events included a visit to the local corn maze and a trip to Fright Night at Kennywood. The close of the semester offers the exciting prospect of even more fun in 2015. Stay posted for upcoming D’phi news!

Welcome Baby Pandas: 2014!


Yesterday the sisters of Sigma Delta Phi braved the snow and cold to celebrate our new members with cheers, songs, hugs and lots of pictures! After a fantastic rush season, thanks to rush chairs Rachel and Lizi, we welcomed 11 new members with open arms.

After being retrieved from their rooms, the girls were serenaded with traditional D’Phi cheers and songs in front of Rockwell! Our new baby pandas are joined for Greek Unity Week activities with our October social member, Kendra. This makes for a total pledge class of 12. We can’t wait until these ladies can wear their letters with pride!

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Sweethearting 2013-2014!


On October 1st, the sisters of Sigma Delta Phi inducted their 2013-2014 sweetheart!  We summoned Mike Montgomery of the Delta Iota Kappa fraternity to Harker under the guise of needed computer assistance.  As per tradition, the ΔIK’s carried Mike down the Wolf Creek steps while we chanted.  After the creeking, Mike emerged from Wolf Creek to a new sweetheart sweatshirt and many hugs.  After the singing of the D’Phi sweetheart song, we had our new sweetheart! Welcome to the tradition Mike! Enjoy the best three letters on campus!

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Labor Day Weekend


S’mores, playgrounds and canoeing, Oh my!  As per tradition, the sisters of Sigma Delta Phi spent Labor Day at the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center in Slippery Rock.  The girls enjoyed canoeing together, and revisited their youths by playing on the playground.  Dinner was classic campfire food, including s’mores!  Please enjoy some pictures of the day’s festivities!


Welcome Baby Pandas!


The sisters of Sigma Delta Phi would like to welcome our new active sisters!  This year we were thrilled to have five social members (the girls wearing the black shirts) and eight freshmen (the girls in the white panda paw shirts) enter Greek Unity week together.

As per tradition, Greek Unity weeks were kicked off by table pounding early in the Spring semester.   Our 13 baby pandas grew closer together and learned more about the sorority during Greek Unity weeks, and on February 9th, the girls were given lavalieres and officially became active sisters.

Please visit our Current Sisters page to get to know the active sisterhood a little better!


Welcome to our new sisters!

Panda Power! The entire sisterhood (and sweetheart) at table pounding 2013




Monte Carlo


On November 10th, 2012 the sisters of Sigma Delta Phi presented the second annual Monte Carlo Night.  This all campus event featured mocktails, games, a photobooth and prizes. We were thrilled to see a great turn out this year, and hope to continue the success in years to come.  This year our proceeds went to Restore NYC.  Please enjoy some pictures from the night!

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